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Reference projects for incinerator bottom ash (IBA) of the GRANOVA brand

Convincing performance

Our references demonstrate the wide range of applications for GRANOVA as a secondary building material. Each measure is different in nature because each project has its own challenges. However, they have one thing in common: The use of incinerator bottom ash aggregates improved the sustainability record of every project.

Upgraded commercial site in Bremen

Decisive for the use of incinerator bottom ash aggregates in the reclamation of an industrial site in Bremen were, in addition to the technical suitability for subsoil improvement, the positive and quantifiable aspects of sustainability. more

GRANOVA stabilises Bottrop ski hall

An extraordinary challenge faced the beginning of this construction project: stopping the subsidence of the Bottrop ski hall and thus restoring the stability of the construction. This required a material with extraordinary properties. more

Noise barrier along the A 44 motorway near Kassel

This project contributes to the improved noise situation of residents of the A 44 motorway in the Kassel districts of Oberzwehren and Nordshausen. Embankments were built using GRANOVA incinerator bottom ash, which noticeably reduce noise exposure. more

Construction of the A 61 motorway between Germany and the Netherlands

Incinerator bottom ash was used during the construction of the A 61 motorway section near Venlo on the Dutch side of the project. As a result, this design version was also discussed in Germany. The result was the use of 49pprox.. 250,000 tonnes of IBA on the German side of the project. more

New construction of the L 585n near Münster

Straßen.NRW was responsible for the Wolbeck bypass. In this project, the use of secondary aggregates in selected sections was made possible by use of a preliminary fill with natural materials. The construction was carried out with IBA in the core of the road subgrade. more

The green Ship near Amsterdam

Het groene Schip – this is the original name of one of the largest landscape projects in the Netherlands in recent years. Its purpose is visual protection for the residents of the industrial port of Amsterdam. Here, too, secondary aggregates, including incinerator bottom ash aggregates, were used for the execution. more

Kapiteltal landfill construction

For the construction of the Kapiteltal landfill expansion near Kaiserslautern substitute construction materials such as incinerator bottom are used. The project is being implemented in cooperation with REMEX as a public private partnership model called PP-LANDFILL. more

Concrete products in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, HEROS Sluiskil B.V. produces GRANOVA aggregates for partial replacement of natural aggregates in concrete production. Corresponding technical and ecological guidelines were defined in the course of the Green Deal. more