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Use of secondary aggregates IBA in concrete products in the Netherlands

GRANOVA IBA: potential as aggregate for concrete

Is it possible to use incinerator bottom ash (IBA) as concrete aggregate? There are a number of European standards that define the framework for using secondary aggregates in concrete or concrete products as a partial substitute for natural materials. National regulations, where they exist, specify this.

Netherlands is setting standards

Although there is the DAfStB guideline for recycled aggregates in Germany which regulates the use of defined recycled aggregates in concrete and mortar, there are currently no applicable regulations for the use of incinerator bottom ash aggregates. In Germany, a general building approval or an individual building approval from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) is required.

The Netherlands is considerably more progressive – having created a standardised regulation, namely the CUR Aanbeveling 116 directive, introduced in October 2012, which defines the use of IBA as an aggregate for concrete. In combination with European standards, this unlocks great potential for application. more

Dutch directive “CUR Aanbeveling 116”

  • This directive was introduced in October 2012 as a technical regulation for incinerator bottom ash in concrete.
  • It regulates the use of IBA as aggregate for reinforced and unreinforced concrete; its use in pre-stressed concrete is not permitted.
  • The directive allows for the replacement of natural aggregates sand/gravel at the following levels:
    – up to 20% by volume in reinforced concrete and
    – up to 50% by volume in non-reinforced concrete without structural function.
  • Incinerator bottom ash is permitted in strength classes C 12/15 to C 30/37.
  • Incinerator bottom ash is permitted in all exposure classes except XA 2, XA 3; the cements CEM III/B and CEM II/B-V are mandatory for exposure classes XD and XS.
  • “CUR aanbeveling 116" allows the use of IBA aggregates in unreinforced concrete as well as in concrete products in all strength and exposure classes.

GRANOVA granulates

The Dutch HEROS Sluiskil B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of REMEX GmbH, belongs to the few companies to market incinerator bottom ash aggregates (IBAA) for high-quality applications such as concrete products. The plant in Sluiskil processes approx. 700,000 tonnes of raw bottom ash per year. Based on the company's own research and development work and corresponding investments in plant technology, the raw ash is processed into a high-quality construction material according to Dutch specifications. The building material is produced with the corresponding CE mark and KOMO certificate. For example, washed GRANOVA granulates are used as aggregates for concrete and asphalt. Learn more about the HEROS washing plant for IBA.

Our largest plant for the production of GRANOVA is located in the Netherlands. more