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IBA: Quality is controlled for use as secondary aggregate

Continuity, safety and reliability

The proven quality assurance system for natural minerals is also the qualitative basis for the use of GRANOVA as a substitute secondary aggregate in road construction and earthworks. In addition to technical suitability, the material and environmental water management properties are assessed. A prerequisite for the official quality assurance system for IBA is the proof of suitability in the form of a test certificate. This certificate of suitability for incinerator bottom ash (IBA) consists of an initial material test and inspection of the plant by an external body.

Regular quality assurance and testing

The internal production control and external monitoring together complete the quality assurance system. There are clear requirements for the tests and test frequencies to be carried out as part of the quality monitoring of incinerator bottom ash. For the technical construction parameters, the specifications are laid down in the FGSV regulations, and for the environmental parameters in the Substitute Aggregates Directive.

The proof of suitability, as well as the tests of regular external monitoring, may only be carried out by recognised testing bodies. The according documentation for our secondary aggregates can be found on our German webpage

More about the German quality assurance system

If you would like to learn more about German quality monitoring, test parameters and test frequencies, please refer to the Handbook on secondary aggregates. It forms the basis for an open discussion and well-founded decisions. more

Quality and practical experience

Planning and design offices, tendering authorities, construction companies, citizens and municipalities: With our detailed information media, training and learning opportunities and personal advisory services, we intend to transfer a deeper knowledge about the quality and possible uses of IBA and secondary aggregates in general. Our aim is to strengthen the confidence in these construction material alternatives – in the interest of a sustainable mineral management. On our German MEB Services webpage, we provide numerous offers including online working aids, practical assistance, map information systems, sustainability calculator and direct contact to experts.