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Secondary aggregates in embankments: Noise protection measure at Kassel with IBA

Noise barrier along the A 44 near Kassel

The residents of the A 44 motorway in Kassel-Oberzwehren were exposed to increased traffic noise of the motorway. Although the corresponding noise levels were below the trigger values, at which there is a right to appropriate noise protection measures, the city of Kassel wanted improve in the situation.

After careful consideration, the decision was made to build an embankment that combines noise and sight protection, thus offering a significant improvement in the quality of life. As it would have been difficult to implement this voluntary measure with conventional solutions due to the current budgetary situation, the Kassel Environment and Garden Authority tendered an earth wall that was possible to economically construct with substitute building materials.

Construction with technical safety measures

The embankment was planned for the use of secondary aggregates in accordance with the requirements of Notice M20 of the Working Group of the Federal States on Waste (LAGA M20) and the M TS E leaflet on construction methods for technical safety measures for the use of soils and building materials with environmentally relevant constituents in earthworks.

The dam is about 650 m long, 16 m high and 40 m wide. The core of the dam consists of different secondary building materials and is covered by correspondingly thick layers of clay. The measure is located outside a water protection area, the distance to the groundwater level amounts to more than 2 m

The raw material for the incinerator bottom ash used in the wall has its origin in the Kassel Energy-from-Waste (EfW) plant. There, as part of the thermal processes, raw bottom ash remains, which is processed by BAUREKA Baustoff-Recycling GmbH into incinerator bottom ash aggregate. With this embankment, the city of Kassel thus created a useful, reliable and safe recovery option.

The Kassel-Oberzwehren embankment was completed in 2008 after a construction period of 4 years. Based on proven sustainable and economic construction, the Kassel Environmental and Garden Authority has consequently decided to build another embankment, Kassel-Nordshausen.

Residents also regard the project in a positive light – the noise situation has already improved noticeably due to the first embankment. In summary: An economically and ecologically successful project for residents, city and industry.