granova® is a quality assured construction material which is documented by our quarterly third party test certificates

Safety, reliability and continuity with secondary aggregates

The use of granova® IBA is rooted in strict quality control systems and regulations pertaining to road construction and earthworks. Not only do the technical properties have to be regularly tested, but also the material and environmental characteristics have to be analysed. The initial steps in regard to official quality control encompasses the approval of the material as fit for purpose, confirmed with a test certificate. This fit for purpose certificate consists of a “first test” (Erstprüfung) of the material as well as a “first inspection” (Erstinspektion) of the production site.

Quality assurance system and testing

The combination of self-regulation of the production plant (WPK - werkseigene Produktionskontrolle) and the external control (Fremdüberwachung) are cornerstones of the quality control system (Güteüberwachung). There are clear guidelines and specifications on the kind of tests to be performed and the respective test frequencies. These guidelines vary according to the planned use of the material. More on this subject can be found in our “Handbook on Secondary Aggregates” (German).
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Fit for purpose certification and regular external control can only be issued by accredited test centres. The accreditation of these centres is carried out by the supreme road authority in each federal state or by other road authorities to which this responsibility has been officially transferred.

quality control systems and regulations pertaining to road construction and earthworks

Ensuring safe use

Our highest priority is the protection of the environment and the knowledge required to ensure the safe use of secondary aggregates. We offer this safety by making sure that the incinerator bottom ash is used properly and in the right applications. For this we have developed internal guidelines which bind our personnel to this quality control process. Important steps in that process are:

  • Checking the local conditions concerning the compliance for the use of granova® during the tender process
  • Organising the evaluation of ground, soil and ground-water conditions
  • Communicating with public authorities concerning the environmental permits (required for private / industrial projects)
  • Providing instruction for use to contractor and haulage companies and drivers
  • Delivering quality controlled IBAA granova®
  • Documenting the project in a database

Additionally, we have published a handbook on secondary aggregates, concentrating on recycled material from CDM waste and incinerator bottom ash aggregate (IBAA), providing background information on the technological and ecological aspects and explaining the resulting application areas. This should provide a solid foundation for open discussion and informed decisions.

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